A Marijuana Fan’s Guide to Vaping

A Marijuana Fan’s Guide to Vaping

If you use marijuana, then you have almost certainly heard of vaping. But if you’ve been kicking it old-school and sticking to traditional smoking methods, you may not know as much as you’d like to about vaping. How does it actually work, and how is it different from smoking? Is it healthier? Should you switch?

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Here’s what every marijuana user should know about vaping.

What is vaping? How is it different from smoking?

When we smoke marijuana, we literally light it on fire and breathe in the smoke. With vaping, things are a bit less extreme.

Vapes also called e-cigarettes, heat up something — usual liquids like e-cigarette juices, which sometimes come in cartridges that can be swapped out — until that substance (or active ingredients in it) are vaporized, which means turned into gas. If you’ve ever breathed in the steam from a shower or a boiling pot of water, you’ve inhaled vapor before. This is the same sort of thing.

Vapes can be used to vaporize nicotine products, which is why many smokers have switched to e-cigarettes. And you can also use vapes to vaporize something else — our favorite herb!

You can vape marijuana?

You sure can! Vaporizing just means heating up a substance until active chemicals in it have turned to gas, so we can vape marijuana simply by heating up marijuana (or THC cartridges) until the cannabinoids (especially THC, which causes most of marijuana’s high) are vaporized. Breathe in the vapor, and you’ve got a marijuana experience that doesn’t require smoking.

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Is vaping healthier than smoking?

Because you’re breathing in a vapor instead of smoke, vaporizing is certainly easier on your lungs. You’ll likely find yourself coughing less, and most users feel that vaping is a better choice for athletes and others who find smoking to be a bad choice for their lung capacity and ability to perform athletically.

In terms of hard health statistics, we know for sure that vaping is a better choice, health-wise, than smoking for tobacco products (however, nicotine-based vape products are still addictive, so you might want to stick with marijuana and THC). Between the proven relative safety on the tobacco side and the universally true lung-care aspects, it seems safe to say that vaping marijuana is at least as healthy as smoking marijuana and likely healthier.

So, should you make the switch? Marijuana smoking is already pretty safe, but it surely wouldn’t hurt for you to add vaping to your existing smoke sesh options. It’s convenient, discreet, and safe. Even if you don’t end up going with the vaporizer every time, having it as an option could give your lungs a nice little break. So, yes, you should consider vaping instead of smoking your marijuana!

How can I get started vaping?

Beginning to vape marijuana instead of smoking it is extremely easy. All you’ll need is a vaporizer and something to vape.

It’s a good idea to start with a nice brand-name device such as the Exus Snap — they’re not overly pricey, and they’ll outlast the generic alternatives every time. A vaporizer that takes cartridges can be a convenient choice because they’re usually small, and it’s easy to swap in new cartridges when your old one is kicked (other vaporizers are designed to take vape fluids or even loose marijuana, rather than cartridges).

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If you’re not sure what sort of vape you’d like, you could ask for tips from your local dispensary pros or check out the pieces that your friends have. Getting started as a vaper is easy, so why not make vaping a part of your routine?

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