4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

There are many types of tiles for sale in the Philippines. This is because different tiles have different advantages. Some of them work well on certain parts of a home, while others do well as flooring, as walls, or even as ceilings.

That said, it’s important that you know which tile is best for which application. By understanding what tiles can do, you can make the most of their practicality and design all over your home! That being said, here are some of the most popular types of tiles and where exactly you can use them to showcase both their aesthetics and functionality!

Porcelain Tiles

4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

This type of tile is probably the strongest that you’ll be able to get. Although quite expensive, they are worth your money, especially if you put them in the right locations.

Porcelain tiles are very versatile—but what really sets it apart is their imperviousness to water and incredible durability that is above and beyond any other tile options. These tiles are foundationally ceramic tiles that are enhanced to become extremely efficient in applications that need moisture, stain, and abrasion resistance.

This makes porcelain tiles great for kitchens and laundry rooms. These are places where moisture levels tend to get a bit high, and spills can happen all the time. They’re impressive durability also prevents them from getting damaged from when kitchenware falls on them—such as plates, knives, pots, and pans.

For laundry rooms, porcelain tiles are strong enough to support heavy-duty laundry machines as it does its work. not only that but spills almost always happen in this part of the house. With this kind of tile, you won’t have to worry about your flooring getting damaged both physically and design-wise.

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The great thing about porcelain tiles is that it is also very versatile when it comes to design and aesthetics. Meaning you can look for these tiles and almost always find the best one that will fit your kitchen aesthetically!

Mosaic Tiles

4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

These are very small tiles. Often, you’ll be creating marvelous grids with these and their one-inch sizes. They’re easier installed in small rooms than large ones.

Much like porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles are known for their moisture resistance. And the place you’ll find them the most in homes are the bathrooms. Since they’re smaller tiles, they would typically need more grout lines. And with more grout lines means they have better traction.

For places where you expect high volumes of moisture, mosaic tiles are great. They’re basically mini porcelain tiles that bring about more creative patterns and designs—making them arguably the best choice for bathrooms as of the moment.

Vinyl Tiles

4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

These are one of the heavier tiles which will best be suited for areas that are already on stable ground. This means when it comes to multi-leveled homes, vinyl tiles should best be installed in the ground or basement floor, whichever has the better, more stable subflooring.

Vinyl tiles provide the reliability and durability you can find with ceramic tiles paired with extra comfort for people that are stepping on to it. Aside from that, vinyl tiles are also very easy to install, remove and repair, making them great for fast constructions.

These kinds of tiles also have a great deal of customizability. In fact, vinyl tiles are usually compared to ceramic tiles—because they beat them at almost every aspect!

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That being said, vinyl tiles are recommended for indoor applications only because their top coat is not UV resistant. It can quickly show signs of fading and discoloration at a certain period of time.

Natural Stone Tiles

4 Types of Tiles and Where to Use Them Best

Although other tile options have great customizability—some even providing the means to look like natural stone, nothing quite beats the authenticity that can be found with natural stone tiles themselves.

Not only are they beautiful as they are, but they’re also great for outdoor applications. Natural stone tiles are from nature, and so they won’t be that much affected by wear and tear from such causes.

Different natural stones also provide different benefits. Slate, for example, is preferred over tiles such as travertine and marble because it’s less slippery. These stones can survive drastic temperature changes—however, grout cannot. So, you will need to use cement for the adhesive.

That said, natural stone tiles are considered a luxury by some, even though they don’t provide as many benefits as tiles such as porcelain or vinyl.

Key Takeaway

Different tiles are made for different applications. Some focus design and aesthetics, while others emphasize their practical use. Either way, there will always be one that will be best for certain places at your home and for you to maximize their effectiveness—that’s where you’ll install them. Check out different options for tiles for sale before you choose which one to install in your home!

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