Applications of Single-Board Computers

Single-board computers, or SBCs, have emerged as one of the most popular and versatile devices used in multiple applications across different sectors. One of the advantages of single-board computers is that they can be manufactured easily. Additionally, they feature a faster time to market when compared to personal computers and other devices. A single board computer is more compact, lightweight, reliable, power-efficient, and so on than multi-efficient computers and devices.  Because SBCs are primarily used in embedded applications, they are also considered an ideal alternative to microcontrollers. The utilization of SBCs in transportation, oil, gas, and mining sectors and the energy grid industry cannot be taken lightly.

Intelligent fleet monitoring and tracking

The industrial-grade SBCs (Single Board Computers) can be utilized to incorporate high-performance intelligent fleet management solutions. Fleet tracking and managing applications demand industrial temperature-rated hardware, and this is where single-board computers are excellent. High-quality single-board computers result in superior quality and robust products and services. Fleet management solutions play a vital role in the transportation and logistics sectors.

Oil and gas and mining communication and monitoring

Single-board computers render wireless data communication for oil field sensors. The sensors can be used in multiple locations and enable the detection of issues before any catastrophic events or accidents occur. A single board computer also offers various display options, like LCD, LVDS, HDMI, etc.  LCDs monitor and control complicated oil, gas, and mining systems with a graphical user interface. The display of pressure, temperature, and other data helps control switch valves and effectively tune systems and panels. Moreover, the presence of oil rigs set up in oceans can also send relevant information and data to control towers. This is possible because of the wireless communication instruments and sensors used.

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Intelligent grid communication and monitoring

Industrial-grade ARM-based single-board computers are used to include high-quality and superior-performance intelligent grid solutions. Energy and grid applications demand robust, efficient, and industrial temperature-backed hardware, where SBCs play a vital part. It is due to SBCs (Single Board Computers) offering wireless data communications for smart grid sensors. Tracking transformers, capacitor banks, energy stations, and substations enable services before any failures or unwanted events occur. Energy and grid sensors play a vital role in notifying the condition of a grid. They include vibration, infrared, humidity, temperature, motion, etc. Bluetooth Low Energy has become one of the most popular and effective ways of interfacing with wireless sensors. The sensor data can be stored and analyzed locally on SBCs before being moved to the cloud.


The industrial single board computer is equipped with all the potential of a standard personal computer on a single board. SBCs have the potential of high-end, sophisticated computing and establish advanced machine-to-machine communications in the age of advanced technology and IoT. Using single-board computers has several advantages, and businesses worldwide validate it. The features of SBCs are integrated well because most of the components are native to the machine.



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