How to assess the usefulness of a future mobile application?

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How to understand if an app is really needed? In what ways do they differ from websites? Take a look at the guide!

Is it worth developing an app? Top factors that will help assess the usefulness

The world of applications is in full swing, it’s true. You may want to take the mark as well, but it is a real investment that requires an upstream reflection before taking a position on the problem. Through this article, learn how to evaluate the usefulness of your future mobile application.

How are they different from websites?

Mobile services are more difficult and expensive to create, but they allow high-quality interaction with users – the costs of them quickly pay off and help to form a loyal audience. Websites can also do a great job for you (websites built with Django are especially popular nowadays), but apps still have some differences you may like.

  1. Notifications. Through the application, you can send push notifications and reminders, even if the person does not open the service, and perform functions in the background and without an Internet connection.
  2. Prompt feedback with the company via chat and technical support.
  3. Individual service. It is possible to use geolocation, a person’s biological rhythm, data on interests, and queries in search engines to offer an individual service: call a car or a house, create a diet and training regimen, offer the necessary tests based on medical history, or find a suitable couple according to interests.
  4. More convenient to use: the application interface is adapted to user actions and has a clear structure with convenient buttons.
  5. Detailed analytics. With the help of statistics in the application, you can analyze the target audience’s behavior, draw up a more detailed portrait of the client and select effective marketing strategies.
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Verify the existence of a real need

You have been in your market for a long time and probably understand what your customers need. It seems stupid as a remark, but far too often, entrepreneurs forget who their actions and decisions are intended. If you plan to develop a mobile application, it must provide your customers with an innovative and useful element to be sure that it is used to the maximum.

But that’s not enough; you must search for existing solutions and take a look at them to determine how you will differentiate yourself.

To have a good idea for an application, you must put yourself in the shoes of your future users. What bothers me? If only I could do this or that thing, etc… Ask yourself this kind of question to best identify the need.

A mobile application is expensive, so determining if there is a real benefit in developing one for your company will allow you not to spend unnecessarily.

Have a relevant concept

You have real knowledge of the sector in which you find yourself. It is in your interest to capitalize on this. You have in your possession your customer base whose problems you know and to which you respond brilliantly. Offering an application will allow you to get closer to your customers.

If you have a responsive site that works in your possession, the application must not be a pure and simple copy. You can have several ideas that come to mind; list them and keep them all. Now, put yourself in the shoes of one of your future users and imagine or, better, draw his daily life through storytelling to immerse yourself in your solution’s impact on his daily life.

Storytelling is a tool that allows you to tell a story, that is, to add a fictitious dimension to the application you offer. Its purpose is to decapitate prospects (potential customers) or customers so that they can identify themselves in the story you are telling and better understand your mobile application’s usefulness. In this way, you will better explain your idea and your concept to third parties.

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Have your ideas validated

Once you have the idea of the concept that seems most relevant and original to you, it is necessary to have it validated by your future users. How can one do it?

Discuss everything with people! Many entrepreneurs hesitate to talk about their ideas for fear of being robbed. Do not hesitate! If you don’t, you will never know what the potential of your idea would be. You can first ask your entourage for their opinion to get the first glimpse. Of course, your loved ones are in no way qualified to give you the most objective feeling possible (unless they are part of your customers, of course).

Ask your professional companions for advice and preferences. Those who have already had experience with the mobile applications world do not only focus on people who have succeeded but also for whom it was not a pleasure. Question them and note the elements that allowed them to be where they are today. It is a way to have constructive communication that will allow you to reinforce your idea (or not).

Your customers can also advise you. Undoubtedly, this is the best way you can find to help yourself. As soon as you decide to jump into the large pool, use your customer base to conduct a more qualitative study. Your customers are your future users, so exchange thoughts with them and compare your ideas with theirs to judge the usefulness of your future mobile application.

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