Our Top Five Songs for Getting in The Mood

Our Top Five Songs for Getting in The Mood

As high-class outcall escorts, our girls have many tips and tricks up their sleeves to give you a sensual and enthralling experience in-between the sheets. One of these tricks is to have a sexy playlist ready to go. Surprisingly, a lot of people find playing music while having sex weird, and many simply don’t prioritize it or take the time to put a playlist on before getting down and dirty. Listening to music while having sex not only has psychological benefits but cranking the tunes can also help you reach your full potential in the bedroom – if you get our meaning.

So, in the interest of creating the best possible experience for everyone’s bedroom adventure, outside of the clichés like ‘Let’s Get It On’ and ‘Sex Bomb’, we have put together a list of our five favorites that make Tom Jones seem like an amateur.

Music and The Mind

Researchers from McGill University found that listening to music triggers a release of dopamine (that ‘feel good’ chemical we love) and that listening to a certain kind of music increases our heart rate, breathing rate, and skin conductance. These are all signs of arousal when you’re around premium escorts in Melbourne  Listening to music and getting physical are both dopamine-producing activities, and when you combine the two and you are sure to have a mind-blowing experience.

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There are a lot of songs out there that put some spice into the bedroom festivities, but we’ve curated these as the perfect mood-makers for each and every person ready to get busy.

Slow Sex by Aka Zeb and China

Let the opening saxophone set the tone for your lovemaking – the easy background beat will help the rhythm of your hips flow, and the well-articulated rhymes will keep you grounded. Concentrate on your partner’s enjoyment as you let the ambient tones and excellent syncopation of this little-known track subdue you both into bliss. Take a page from China MacDonald: slow sex is good sex.

Gravity by John Mayer

The smooth waves of the guitar riffs, the slow beat of the drum kick and snare – this song will take any distractions outside of the two of you. Let the subtle voice of John Mayer bring you both to a stunning climax. Any stresses will just melt away after letting this melody insert a good dose of dopamine into the situation.

Bath in The River by Hollie Smith

If your performance in the bedroom even comes close to the knockout talent of this vocalist, you know your partner will be coming back for more. A firm favorite of ours, the only Kiwi on the list, and a real killer when it comes to swooning. This classic should be right up there on your playlist of love songs when it comes to setting the mood. Candles rose petals and some Hollie Smith will work every time. Trust us.

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Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down By AOL and Jack Johnson

Let the lyrics say it all with this one. The cool, calm, and collected beat from this AOL track will put a pep in your step, giving you the confident sway in your hips required to turn a good night into an amazing one. The otherworldly voice of Jack Johnson will accentuate any pheromones drifting through the air, sure to make your partner’s knees shake with your first touch. Perhaps a bit forward for a first date, reserve it for a little bit down the line. This song can really make a statement for a long-term couple trying to ramp up the romance in the bedroom.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frank Valli

Don’t neglect the start of sex – turn it into a building moment. If you’re trying to find a great song to take your partner’s clothes off to or even your own clothes, you can’t go past the iconic lyrics and fantastic beat of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Still stacking up today against modern love songs, you can rest easy knowing many people before you have trusted in Frankie to get the mood cranked all the way up to hot.

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