What To Do When One Is Falsely Accused Of Child Rape?


Recently, the criminal justice system and the media pay a lot more attention to crimes involving child sexual abuse and rape. Sensational cases of child predators and abuse stories are told to the public. But the public also needs to understand that the cases of false allegations are also rising. The media seem to overlook such falsely accused cases. When one is falsely accused of the rape of a child defense law firm must be contacted to hire an experienced and competent attorney.

Hiring a defense attorney at the earliest

As soon as a person is falsely alleged of child abuse and rape, hiring a defense attorney should be the first step. This is because it is easier to resist the filing of charges rather than to acquire a dismissal of the same once filed. The majority of the social workers and investigators involved have a natural favor toward the child. This doesn’t mean they will accuse an innocent person charged with a false allegation. Any legal case is complex, and when it involves a child things become even more challenging. Thus, the falsely alleged person must get in touch with a defense lawyer experienced in dealing with falsely alleged child abuse cases.

Choosing the right attorney

This is one of the most important factors to consider as there is no dearth of good attorneys in the country. But attorneys with expertise in speeding tickets, drug cases, child custody cases, etc., might not be the right choice. Therefore, it is important to start researching online or ask friends and family for an attorney with the right attitude and experience to defend a serious case of child rape and abuse. Since it is a matter of one’s reputation, seeking the right attorney is the most important aspect. The gravity of the case depends on how the attorney represents the case and defends his/her client from false accusations.

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Educating oneself

Hiring an experienced and professional defense attorney doesn’t mean that the accused should not be aware of the case procedures. It is highly recommended that one must educate himself/herself and never rely on someone completely. It is impossible to defend oneself from a place of ignorance. The accused needs to educate himself/herself on the areas of the allegations that he/she has been alleged. When the attorney and the defense team ask the falsely accused to sign or say a certain thing, he/she should understand the reason behind it. When one has to face a false case involving the rape of a child defense law firm always ensures that the client is aware of the entire procedure and is involved and informed.

Considering the right legal steps

When one is charged with child rape and sexual abuse, it is considered serious criminal charges. There is every possibility of conviction unless strong measures are taken to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Some quick and practical steps like well-designed polygraph testing, psychological testing, or scientific testing like a forensic evaluation apart from other relevant evidence. One has to understand that conducting all such steps will cost a fortune. Only an experienced legal expert can help get connected with relevant experts for conducting the required steps and help the individual clear his/her name.


The rape of a child or any kind of sexual abuse is a serious matter. Things become even more complex when the accused claims to be innocent. When one is genuinely innocent and is accused of a case involving the rape of a child defense law firm hiring is the only viable solution. The defense legal experts can help one come out of the pothole.

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