Best financial planning and technology trends for 2019

Best financial planning and technology trends for 2019

The digital transformation is making a huge difference in our world and is affecting several industries. The banking sectors show that the financial sector is rapidly changing due to technological development.

Many financial companies are making a better relationship with customers. Since technology is changing organization, we need to find out the changes in the financial sector this year. Below, we list you the financial and technology trends that will dominate 2019.

Financial trends for 2019

Check out the changes in financial trends for 2019:

  1. Change in customer demand

The companies are always looking for new ways to satisfy the customers. People are now more technology-empowered and financial companies are trying their best to fit in with this trend. The millennials are tech-savvy and quick, the financial companies are trying their best to live up to this. The evolving attitude and practices of financial companies will leave a huge impact on their customers. This is a major and basic trend that will stay through 2019 and ahead.

  1. Evolving workforce

People nowadays want flexibility and emphasis on work-life balance. Most employees are getting inclined towards the gig economy and this is a trend for every industry. If financial companies want to be successful, they will have to live up to this trend in 2019. The finance sector has to evolve to handle the workforce efficiently.

  1. Smart and faster financing

The revolution of new technologies in the financial sector is making the processes smart and fast. One big trend of 2019 is establishing the culture of data and changing the way they use and manage data. The use of artificial intelligence is another boost for the financial companies and will help to automate more processes. It will make the systems stable, secure, and reduce possibilities of human error.

  1. Responsibility

With technology, the IT teams can take bigger leaps and measure risks. The sector is getting more chances to regenerate revenue, lower costs, manage risks, and more. The human brains are now more responsible and tech-savvy to know how exactly they need to manage the technological resources.

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The best way to gear up for new trends is to emerge with the technologies and adopt comprehensive tools. These will help the new trends to work out and the financial sector will soon evolve.

Technological trends for finance in 2019

The following points give us some of the important tools of technology that we will need in 2019. These will help our financial companies develop better:

  1. Omnichannel marketing

Marketing today is about small interaction or rather the touch points with potential customers. For example, seeing an ad on top of a website is catchier than a big hoarding. You want people to get several of such touch points while they are online.

In today’s time, just hiring a PPC management agency for ads are not enough and financial institutions should try omnichannel. A big shift in the financial sector is online banking systems. We can now operate our accounts online and get assistance over video chat. We can also apply for credit cards through apps, check balance through SMS, and more.

If you see your brand in several mediums, it is more impactful than a large scale interaction. This trend is essential for financial companies to cater to personalized experiences. You can now engage with customers in a better way!

  1. Blockchain technology

The blockchain is now imperative in more financial organizations. We can’t ignore the fact that hackers are also getting better in their game, so financial organizations need to rebuild the brand image and make customers trust them. Blockchain will continue to be an essential part of every finance company and is a major trend this year. The technology will evolve and offer more uses than it does now.

  1. Data-based marketing

Financial intuitions have several years of data that is essential for predictive marketing programs. It helps tailor ads for target groups. Marketing needs you to create macro-moments so that people look up for you on their cell phones.

Customers want a personalized experience that combines historical data with AI learning and assists proper content on what they search for. There are SEO companies that can cater to such technology and redefine ad campaigns. This can help financial companies reach their target market and help them see ads at the right time too.

  1. User experience
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UX design specifically focuses on increasing customer satisfaction and improves simplicity. It helps customers interact with the product and that increases demand. For example, many people with smartphones prefer online banking and that is an interaction they have with the bank. The app needs to be transparent, simple, and easy to access. The app must guide people to the information they need to know and serve them the way they are supposed to.

  1. Social listening

Every company needs to have a strong online impression so that you can understand the response and reach. People expect a real-time response from service providers and they want it in their terms.

People trust fellow consumers and follow their reactions. Many people base their interest according to the reviews from other people. Adding social listening can help companies have enough data to develop content that relates to target audiences. Find innovative ways to inform people about products and services, share finance tips, investment advice, and more.

Every finance company has to rely on demographic-based campaigns to find customers one by one. The growth can be determined by information, consistency, and positive interaction. It helps build a relationship with time and customers rely more on the company.

You must monitor your brand, address complaints, and focus on promoting brand loyalty. As technology starts getting complicated, you need to be true to your brand and build a relationship with customers.

These were the top ways of promoting your finance business in 2019. Note that most other finance companies will also use these techniques so you need to also come up with uniqueness. Once you start working on these, you will see that it reaps for the better!

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