7 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Family Pets

7 Reasons Why Cats Make Great Family Pets

Have you ever really thought about a day in a cat’s life? Wake up whenever you want, food is ready for you, lay around the house all day, love on your owner when you feel like it, sleep, play, and just do whatever your heart desires. Must be rough. It might even make you a little jealous. But they do make the best family pets for a few different reasons.

1. Companionship
Cats love to have their own space, but they also love to be cuddled and petted. They all have their own different spots where they love a little scratch every now and then. You’ll know when you find it by the sound of their contented purr.

2. Training
While you can train a cat, you certainly don’t need to. They are extremely independent. Just show them where the litter box is, put their food in a good spot, give them plenty of places to sleep and play with their favorite toys, and you’re good to go. They’ll let you know if they need anything else.

3. They sleep a lot.
Speaking of sleep, they sleep most of the day. Cats usually only sleep for a few hours at random times throughout the day and night. This leaves them with plenty of time between naps to fulfill their scavenger instincts as well as allowing interacting time with the family.

4. Cats don’t have to go outside.
Some cats might like to go outside and explore for a few minutes and some may like to roam the neighborhood. But, most cats prefer to sit inside where it’s nice and comfortable and watch the world outside from their chosen window seat.

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5. They groom themselves.
Don’t even think about trying to bathe a cat unless it’s an emergency. It’s just not allowed. Cats and water simply don’t mix. Mother Nature has given them the means to take care of all of their grooming needs by themselves. That raspy, little tongue is busy all day keeping their coat clean. That being said, they certainly won’t mind being lightly brushed every now and then to help control some of the furs.

6. Do cats love to play?
When they’re not sleeping, they love to play. As sophisticated and aloof as they can be sometimes, they simply cannot resist a dangling string or a squeaky mouse. They especially like to play with each other, if you are considering having a playmate for them.

7. They will even give your family a few health benefits.

  • Children exposed to cats develop a stronger immune system and are prone to fewer types of allergies.
  • Cats can help you sleep better by cuddling and purring.
  • Their purring actually has a therapeutic healing effect on injured bones and muscles.
  • Cats can lower your stress and anxiety levels reducing your risk of heart attack.

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