Does the DIY lash extensions kit really work?

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The pandemic outbreak makes it difficult for eyelash extension lovers when they cannot go to the eyelash extension salon. Extended lashes need immediate repair and replacement, which is why a DIY eyelash extensions kit becomes a lifesaver. It is considered to help return your curvy eyelashes and charming eyes like just coming out of a professional salon. But is it really that good? And is everything as simple as you think?

What is a DIY eyelash extensions kit, and how to use it?

It is a kit that includes essential items that you can use to make eyelash extensions at home, such as eyelashes, glue, tweezers, adhesive tape, etc. There will be about two strips of eyelashes with different curls and sizes. You just need to choose the right product for your needs.


Using the DIY eyelash extensions kit is quite simple and similar to the steps of eyelash extensions at beauty stores:

  1. You still need to clean your eyelashes. Be sure to remove previous extensions.
  2. Use specialized glue to stick to the base of your natural eyelashes, then attach each lashes fan below the lashes (instead of sticking on top as usual).
  3. You use tweezers to adjust your eyelashes to create the most natural effect possible. Finally, brush gently to shape the lashes.

So you have completed the eyelash extension.

Does the DIY lash extensions kit really work?

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You see, this kit is very convenient and simple for users. Many people share that it takes them no more than 5 minutes to create a new set of eyelashes with DIY lash extensions. However, any convenience product has problems that need to be considered.

First, the “lifetime” of a DIY lash extension usually lasts only one week:

  • It will become a big problem if you do it regularly because natural lashes that are often impacted will be weak and easy to break.
  • Next, although it is said to be quite simple and easy to do, this product still requires some experience in eyelash extensions. The operations need to be precise and quick, or you need help from another person. If you use it for the first time, practice a lot before doing it on natural eyes because the eyes are pretty sensitive.

Eyelash extension materials and glue must be safe:

Currently, the covid pandemic makes DIY lash extensions kits “hot” on beauty forums. You can find these kits easily on the internet, which means you need to pay a lot of attention to the quality of eyelashes, glue, eye cleaning solutions, etc. It is best to choose famous and reputable brands with safety certifications from authorities. One point to note is that you should select super-smooth, ultra-light lash materials because they make you comfortable and don’t put pressure on your natural lashes!



Creativity, neatness, sophistication, balance, and suitability for each eye are challenging for any DIY product. There’s no denying the convenience of a DIY lash extensions kit, especially when you can’t go to the salon. A beautiful set of eyelashes is not only how to glue the existing eyelashes on your natural eyelashes, but the technicians can also do much more.

In terms of price, when we briefly studied the DIY lash extensions kit market today, we found that there are many different prices. Still, basically, the price ranges from $125 or more. This number seems to be more economical than going to the eyelash extensions directly at the salon. However, we should also consider additional in-store services such as space, staff care, durability and safety of eyelash extensions, etc., to make an informed decision.

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And after the above analysis, we think DIY lash extensions are still an option when you can’t go to the store in person or need a quick, economic eyelash extension. Although you can always apply them yourself, they cannot replace professional technicians. You should also pay attention to the care of natural eyelashes, do not overuse DIY lash extensions and make them damage too much. And again, choose safe, reputable, and high-quality products for the window to your soul!

We hope the article is helpful to you, and wish you always beautiful and fresh every day. Don’t forget to follow our article for more beauty information.

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