How to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Look with a Tiny Budget

How to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Look with a Tiny Budget

It is time for a massive kitchen makeover. The kitchen is the home of where your nourishment comes from, you would do well to ensure that it always remains well stocked and well maintained. To ensure this, you will need to upgrade your kitchen cabinets so that they are more efficient in storing your food items, such as ingredients, spices and so much more.

Here we would like to list down some ways on how you can go about this do-over. The defining part of this article is that you will only read about ideas that are simple to execute, and easy on your wallet. Most of them will not require anything special, and you will be your local handyman.

Clean Cabinets are the way to go

The first and foremost duty of yours is to clean the cabinets inside and out. Decorating and painting sound like very fun ideas but the truth is that to get the best out of your cabinets, you will need to them to be spotless. Otherwise, the colorful aesthetics will not look their best. Additionally, the sparkle you get from having a clean cabinet is a reward on its own, and everybody loves hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen of all places. You can start by emptying the cabinets and shelves. Clean the interior with a wet cloth and remove all the gathered dust and dirt, then do the same for the exterior. You can also decide to polish the exterior, giving it a shiny look.

Painting the cabinets

One of the major changes in your cabinets is to completely paint them over, giving a brand new look to them. It comes as no surprise that paint is the best option as it will give your cabinets the biggest transformation. Paint is also the best way to go when your cabinets are old and look worn out, especially on the surface. It is time to hide away those old cracks and plain looking surfaces! A good way to start is painting the knobs in a contrasting color such as black. You can also choose different colors for the exterior and interior to give a colorful surprise upon opening the cabinet.

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You can also add different kinds of patterns to the cabinets, either by painting or sticking wallpapers to the surface. It is important to use durable, long lasting paint so that it does not wear off too soon. Make sure that whatever paint you use is made for the material of your cabinet, such as whether it is made out of wood or melamine, etc. Pick colors that are vibrant but do not clash with the rest of the kitchen, such as the floor, etc.

How to Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Look with a Tiny Budget

Add style to your cabinets

You are never going to truly have the ideal cabinet upgrade until and unless you make some changes to the shape and physical look of the cabinet. You can start by trimming the cabinet doors, as adding simple trim to the fronts will dress them up and make them look more expensive than they are. While this is not an uncommon thing to do, there are many unorthodox methods that also work. You can purchase plain crafts boards for this, or use yardsticks if you want a cheaper option. Regardless, you should have all the appropriate measurements made for your cabinets as nothing is worse than doing all the hard physical work only to realize that the result looks awful. If you want a vintage look, this can be achieved by staining.

Another option is to enhance the look of your countertops (above your cabinet) to having a layered look. A cost-saving way to do this is to paint it in that style skillfully. If you have money to spare, replacing the tops for new ones, especially with heat rods that fit into the shape of the pan. If everything else is looking fine, then you can try to change the cabinet handles to give off a new style. Cabinet handles that are in style come in leather and brass.

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Modify the doors

The doors are not only used for the obvious open and close mechanism but provide an aesthetic appeal that can be changed in many ways. If the framework is still in good shape, you can opt to replace the doors. You can remove the double doors and opt for a larger, singular one as this will make reaching for items far away easier as you can dive right into the cabinet’s insides.

If you are tired of seeing nothing but wood, you can cut up most of the face of the door, and put up glass instead. This achieves the same result as before, but now you have windows that allow you to peek into the cabinets’ contents without having to open and search tirelessly. Furthermore, ensure the hinges work properly and lubricate them to allow the cabinet to open flexibly.

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