Top modern home products this year

Top modern home products this year

Finding and keeping up to date with furniture, gadgets and everything homely can be difficult and with our lives seemingly getting busier and busier, plenty of us are finding less time to decorate and furnish our homes with modern products.

If you’re finding yourself resonating with the situation, you’re not alone. But there’s no need to fret. We’ve compiled a simple, fully comprehensive list of everything that you need to refresh your home and bring it right into 2019 with a bang.

1. Kool8 – Stainless steel modern water bottle

Top modern home products this year

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Still drinking from plastic water bottles? It’s about time you upgrade, not only for your health with plastic bottles being linked as a carcinogenic but to do just a little more for the environment.

Using a stainless steel water bottle is the very best next step, making sure that you’ve got a fully insulated, durable and reliable water bottle for everyday activities. Our favourite comes from Kool8, recently named one of the best water bottles of 2019, a super modern bottle which features a gorgeous design in a variety of colours.

Whether you want to match your kitchen, living room or dining room – there’s a colour to compliment and with a socially-conscious company selling the product (they donate 20% of the profits to delivering clean water all over the world) – every purchase leads to clean water improvements to those who need it most throughout the world.

2. Twinkle in Time – Custom star map

Top modern home products this year

We’re unbelievably lucky to live in a time where we know more about the rest of the universe than we ever have before. Although there’s still a lot to answer, with imaging capabilities to capture the stars, you can now have a custom slice of the sky proudly hanging in your home.

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Twinkle in Time is a company that lets you create a gorgeous 18” x 24” custom star map that shows the stars exactly as they were on a specific date and location with a personalized message for maximum customisation.

The artwork is perfect for remembering any special date, whether it’s a birthday, wedding day or any other day that’s special to you-you can have an image of the stars from wherever you were on that fateful day.

3. iRobot Roomba 980 – Autonomous vacuum cleaner

Nothing screams 2019 like a futuristic house robot and amazingly, you can have the newest edition from Roomba roaming your home and picking up crumbs for a very reasonable price (if $885.00 sounds reasonable to you).

Top modern home products this year

The Roomba 980 can run continuously for a total of 2 hours, giving your little robot friend plenty of time to clean your home from top to bottom. The device is easy to use with the iRobot HOME app and lets you plan a cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

It might seem a little bit extra, but isn’t that what modern appliances and future proofing your home are all about?

4. Ring Door View Cam – Camera enabled doorbell

As seen on TV, the Ring Door View Cam is one of the coolest gadgets available in 2019 coming straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Top modern home products this year

Your brand new doorbell uses motion detection to find when people come to your property, you’ll then be able to receive notifications to your phone, tablet or PC and be able to see, hear and speak to visitors in real time from anywhere in the world.

Never miss a delivery, chat to friends and family and stop trespassers from approaching your home with the device. You’ll keep your home safe with a super functional, super stylish gadget stuck straight to your door frame.

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5. HIVE Active Light – Colour Changing Bulb

If you’ve got a colour changing bulb, then you’ve pretty much-completed life. Not really sure that’s a fact, but it might as well be.

Top modern home products this year

Brand new from HIVE, we have a WiFi controllable LED bulb so that you can control your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS services so you don’t need to worry about getting a new phone to turn the light off – but with so many colours available – we doubt you’ll ever want to sit in darkness again.

It may be a bit of a novelty, but with the ability to turn your lights on and off when you’re away – it adds an extra level of security to your home that’s only available in the modern day. Set the mood and deter burglars, that’s the perfect package if you ask us!

6. Plantone Smartest Mini Indoor Garden

Last but by absolutely no means least we have the Plantone Smartest Mini Indoor Garden to add a little bit of nature to your home.

Top modern home products this year

Plantone is an all-in-one lighting, watering and planting system, enabling users to grow up to 5 different species at one time. You’ll never neglect and murder a plant ever again (we all do, it’s okay) as your plants will look after themselves.

In a simple, modern and minimalist design, your indoor garden will fit in every room, no matter the style. Pop it in the kitchen for a natural food prep station, the living room for a little more life or the dining room for a couple more shades of green. There’s nowhere it cannot go!

Originally funded from Kickstarter, the product completed 2.5x their original $10,000 goal and for good reason. Definitely a great talking point and interesting addition to any home, anywhere.

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