New Realtors: Are You Struggling to Generate Leads? How Real Estate Postcard Mailing Can Help

If you’re a new realtor, building your brand locally is vitally important to your success. Therefore, you need to send out “calling cards” locally. That is why sending out postcards is the best thing to do to ensure your success as a local realtor.

You need to extend your influence, both locally and online. By using postcards, you can engage potential customers and share the information you post on social media sites. Therefore, you can enjoy the best of both worlds when you focus on mailing out postcards and using digital marketing.

Partner with a Postcard Mailing Business

To make the most of real estate postcard mailing, you need to, first, review their uses for generating leads. A marketing program that features real estate postcard mailing is easy to establish, provided you partner with the right company.

Make Mailing a Regular Practice

By going online and setting up an account with a postcard mailing service business, you’ll attract leads to your business that will convert well. Because the business offers real estate postcard creation and delivery, you can make the mailing a regular practice

How You Can Share Postcard Information

Use postcards to generate leads by supplying locals in your neighborhood with the following information:

  • Houses just listed
  • Listings under contract
  • Sold real estate
  • Open house events

By informing your local market, you will get people talking. This type of information generates interest because people can compare real estate values and check their property’s worth as well.

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Make sure you include your picture and phone and email so people can contact you easily. You want to present yourself as the go-to realtor for listings, sales, and buying in your local community.

Reach Locals Online and Off-line

By sending out real estate postcards, you can also transfer the information to your blog and social media accounts. That way, you can easily reach people online and off-line.

When sending out the postcards, you want to do more than target zip codes. You want to customize your mailing lists so they match the message you’re trying to send. Otherwise, you’ll just waste time and money.

For example, you might want to target retirees over 65 years old – people who want to sell their homes and find a smaller property. If so, you can gear your message especially to them. Doing so will prevent you from sending information to people who cannot use your services.

What You Need to Keep in Mind

To make the most of postcard marketing, you need to do the following:

  • Convey your postcard messages on blog posts and social media
  • Send out regular mailings directed to a specific demographic
  • Tailor the message to the demographic to whom you wish to connect
  • Keep track of the responses and response rate
  • Always include a professional photo and contact details (phone and email)

You should use your postcards to inform your community about the local real estate market. Don’t send meme-like messages. They won’t have much of an impact even if the message is creative or humorous. For example, don’t add a picture of a cow and add the copy: “Don’t you think it’s time to mooove?” It might draw some attention, but it won’t get people to call your office.

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Create Informational Postcards that Generate Leads

People want to know where they stand in the real estate market. They don’t want to feel pressured about selling or buying a property. Informational postcards will allow them to make up their mind about soliciting real estate services. Make yourself the person to ask when it comes to real estate transactions or events.

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