The different States of consciousness

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Consciousness is a life-changing activity that has the ability to change the world. When we experience awareness and when we start listening to our heart and what our heart speaks to us then only we start living our life to fullest.

Consciousness is an active state of mind that allows a person to live life at fullest. Consciousness is the voice of heart that we listen and believe. It makes us understand what we truly are. There are a number of states of consciousness that we all have experienced though we have realized them or not. The different states of human consciousness also define human awareness. It is often compared with the stream which has its natural flow and usually moves around unbounded with constantly changing and shifting its course at its own will. Human brain encounters several stages of consciousness and here we will try to discuss and explain some states of consciousness persisted by the human brain at some point of time-

Understanding consciousness

We feel happy and energetic in the morning; it is time when we are fresh and free from the burden of unwanted thoughts. The bundle of energy we possess in our mind in the morning but it runs done till the afternoon and by the evening we will be totally exhausted. What is the reason behind this shift? The change in the consciousness state is the reason behind this shift. Our body clocks are defined by consciousness.

Body clock- we start our day with full of energy but end up getting totally exhausted in the evening. This daily or weekly shifting of energy and change in rhythm is because of circadian rhythm that plays an important role in developing and establishing human consciousness. The ‘body clock’ is one from the wide category of consciousness. Our body clock is the biggest indication of our consciousness and its shift.

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Sleep and consciousness-sleep have very interesting coordination with consciousness. Most people listen to the voice of their consciousness while sleeping and it is something many scientists have been researching from many years. There are several stories developed on this relation and some of them explain the relation between sleep and consciousness.

There are several stages of sleep and different levels on which a human sleeps during the night. We all have dreams and thoughts buried in our subconscious mind come into the surface in form of dreams. These dreams are the thought we have developed in our mind and cherish them with a feed from the experience and knowledge.

Dreams- dreams have an important role in our lives and many times they tell is us some hidden truths that have in been buried at some point in our heart. Dreams show us some real and thoughts that we are hiding from us. Consciousness is our thoughts revealed to us and they are best revealed into our dreams.

To conclude, it can be said that consciousness is a stage of life that we experience at some point of time and it can only be understood by the person who has some thought processes, feelings, and experience. Our consciousness is an important part of our life and these feelings are often revealed by our body language and sometimes the routine we follow in life.

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