How to View a PDF on Your Android Phone

How to View a PDF on Your Android Phone

Many people like to enjoy reading ebooks on their phones. The problem is that it is not as convenient to open PDF on an Android phone as on a desktop computer. Every Android phone is different when coming to open a PDF. Some phones will automatically open the PDF when you tap on it while others require you to use an app to open it.

If your phone does not automatically open the PDF, you may want to install a free PDF viewing app on your phone. The standard free app for viewing PDF on Android is the Adobe Reader for Android. Adobe Reader supports all the basic functions for an optimal reading experience such as search, scroll, and zoom.

You can add a comment on anywhere on the PDF using sticking notes and comments. You can also add your own drawing by using the drawing tool. The highlighter allows you to put emphasis on the important words. You can also fill PDF forms on your Android phone with Adobe Reader.

It even supports using your finger to put a signature directly on your Android device. You must have Google Cloud Print if you want to print a PDF on your Android. The PDF which you want to open must be on your Android storage. You will find all your PDF files in the Documents folder of the Adobe Reader.

Some phones will not recognize certain PDF viewers so you will have to try different PDF viewers. For example, Amazon Android devices like Fire tablet will only open the PDF files on apps that you can download at the Amazon app store.

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Usually, a PDF document that you download online will not immediately become available on the home screen. Instead, you must go to the default download folder of your browser to find the document. You can find out the default folder for storing the download file in the settings of your Android phone. If the document you want to view is on another Android, you can use the Bluetooth function to transfer the file. This method works only if both Android devices are Bluetooth enabled.

If the file still cannot be opened, it is possible that it has been corrupted. The last option would be downloading the PDF on the desktop computer and then have it transferred to your phone. You need to use the USB cable included with your Android phone to connect to the computer in order for the file transfer to take place.

The easiest way to view a PDF file on an Android is to extract only the part that you want to read on your desktop and then transfer it to your Android phone. You can also split it into several parts on your desktop and then transfer the parts one by one as you finish reading them on your Android phone. The reason is that PDF file size is big and your phone could slow down if there is not enough storage space.

Movavi PDF Editor is designed with an easy to use interface – there is no need to dig deep into the menu to carry out the editing you need on the PDF. Every tool you need is put on the right sidebar. The software must first be installed on your desktop before it can run. When the software launches, you must click on the Open File button to select the document you want to open on your Android.

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To split a PDF, you must select the pages you want to read in Pages mode and then press the Extract button to extract them as a single PDF. If there are only selected content you want to read, you may find the copy/paste tool useful. The copy/paste tool will only work when you are in the Edit Object mode. Once you copy it, you can go to another page or create a blank page by clicking on the blank page button to paste it.

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