Things one should consider before purchasing a slow juicer

purchasing a slow juicer

A juicer is a must-have household item for every fitness enthusiast. While one can obviously buy a glass of readymade fruit juice from a local fruit juicer seller, this can be really expensive. Rather, making a glass of fresh juice by using a home juicer will be more convenient. When it comes to buying a juicer for home, slow juicers are the best as they have the capacity to extract the maximum amount of juices and keep the nutrients intact. One can purchase a slow juicer machine on sale from various websites, but before purchasing a few things need to be considered.

Key points to be taken care of before purchasing a slow juicer

Today several brands are selling multiple feature juicers at affordable rates. But not all are truly authentic and of good quality. Some might come with multiple features but not function properly. Some can even get interrupted during the juicing process. So it’s very important to choose a reliable brand that offers good quality products. The other things that should be considered may include:

  • Cleaning process

Cleaning is one of the most annoying things about juicers because cleaning the inner parts of the juicer after every use is really a hectic job. The vegetable and fruit bits get stuck in every corner of the juice. Therefore one should opt for a juicer which has lesser pieces. The lesser the number of pieces the lesser messy the juicer will get. Note that even juicers with high models might come with multiple pieces which get really hard to clean. So when it comes to buying a home juicer one needs to choose wisely. Read every detail about the juicer before purchasing it. Don’t just go by the outer model.

  • Convenience
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A juicer is a machine which is purchased to make life easier. So choose a juicer which is convenient to use, this means the mechanism of the juicer should be simple. The operating process needs to be easy and simple.

  • Noise level

No matter what brand you choose or whatever model you choose, juicers, especially the slow ones make noise. However, the noise level can vary. Inevitably the cheaper ones make the maximum noise and that noise is certainly a pain to the ears. Therefore, when looking for a slow juicer machine on sale, spend a few bucks extra and buy a less noisy one.

  • Extraction level

The chief idea behind purchasing a juicer is to enjoy a glass of nutritious juice anytime. However, one important thing to look for is the juicer’s capacity to keep the nutrient intake. High-end models come with features that help to keep the nutrient intake.

  • Multi-purpose feature

When buying a slow juicer make sure that the juicer is multi-functional, it should not only be able to extract juices from chunky vegetables and fruits but also from herbs and leaves like spinach, celery, thymes etc. This way one can enjoy a glass of multi-fruit or vegetable drink.


While there are various websites from where one can get slow juicer machine on sale, one should always check all the details in the packaging or labeling before purchasing one. A juicer is a long-term investment and one should not go wrong with it.

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