How is the green Burial method bringing a change to society?

green Burial method bringing a change to society

The world is changing at a rapid rate and so are its norms. While people and society, in general, is having a sustainable approach in every aspect, death care procedures are no exception. Most traditional and local funeral homes have two main options for death care: burial and cremation. However, today modern funeral homes have started focusing on a new concept which is the green burial system. Various terramation services in Auburn, Washington are offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach towards death care- starting from the way the materials are sourced to the process of disposing of the waste.

What does terramation process involve?

Funeral homes today are streamlining the natural organic procedure to dispose of the body. This procedure is known as terramation. Many families in the US are interested in and embracing this green approach towards death care. The terramation process is chiefly divided into 3 steps- the primary compositing which is done for 30 days, secondly separating the soil material from the bones, and thirdly curing for more than 30 days to help stabilize the remains into a soil-like material.

During the first compositing process sawdust, alfalfa, and straw are used, in the second process once the bones are removed they are reduced to ashes (same as the cremation process). After the terramation is done for the next 30 days, the composite which has now turned into absolute soil is either given back to the family or if the family wants they can also scatter the composite in the permanent greenbelt area of the funeral home. When the dead body is laid in the primary composite vessel, the deceased’s families are invited to pay last respects to the deceased. However, during the 60 days composing process, the family of the deceased can pay a visit.

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What are the benefits of green burial?

The following are the benefits of green burial:

  • Focuses on betterment of the planet

Green or eco-friendly burial methods help to reduce carbon footprints as it involves the natural composition of the dead body. Further during the process, terramation services in Auburn, Washington make sure that there is no foul smell coming out of the composite vessel. It is also more sustainable than the traditional burial process as it involves no use of a casket & the need for barren land.

  • No use of chemicals

This particular process eliminates the need for any harmful chemical that is usually used to slow down the decomposition of the dead body.

  • Promotes new life

Unlike any other death care process, terramation involves using the decomposed body to be used as a natural fertilizer for trees. So families can use the soil in planting trees at home and emotionally stay close to the deceased person.


Terramation services in Auburn, Washington focus on sustainability, transparency, ethical death care and care about the emotions of the family. Green funeral homes are bringing a lot of change to the way people think of death in general. Thus it can be concluded that green funeral services are the future of the death care industry.

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