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How often do you wonder what would be a perfect gift for your friends, kids, or, maybe, yourself? Something extraordinary that would carve into memory and find a way straight to the heart. After you take a look at a wooden puzzle by Unidragon, you’ll find the answer! Unidragon offers a marvelous collection of colorful and unique puzzles that are a delight to assemble and are so beautiful you won’t want to put them back in the box.

Benefits of Wooden Puzzles

Compared to paperboard, of which regular jigsaw puzzles are made, wood is much more durable yet still easy to shape. This allows wooden puzzles to take much more interesting shapes, with each piece having a unique cut as well.Thanks to it, every jigsaw wooden puzzle consists of pieces that are works of art by themselves. They are fun to look at and feel and also make an assembly process much more interesting. Designers leave small easter-eggs, with pieces shaped like animals, food, or other objects, which form intricate ornaments inside the puzzle.


Unidragon has five collections of the best wooden jigsaw puzzles of all kinds. Both kids and adults will find those that will make their hearts beat faster. The collections are:

  • Puzzle Animals: show your love to animals with these bright and colorful animal-themed and shaped puzzles. Every puzzle comes in a wooden gift box. 
  • QUEZZLE: these unique puzzles erase the line between jigsaw puzzles, quests, and tabletops. Gather friends to assemble these insanely detailed puzzles, discover hidden stories and secrets, and complete the game story to rescue the Princess!
  • Nature Puzzles: get further and further from daily hustle with every puzzle piece finding its place. These picturesque puzzles depict the most wonderful world sceneries, from mountain ridges bathing in the sunset to gentle-flowing rivers covered in sakura leaves. They make perfect room decor as well!
  • Mandala Puzzles: connect with your inner self and find peace of mind. Intricately-shaped pieces and rich color pallets with many gradients will give you hours of relaxation and color therapy. A perfect gift that will be enjoyed and remembered.
  • Dino Collection: a fun and educational gift for children! A kids wooden puzzle will teach little ones about various dinosaurs that used to live on Earth and help develop their logical and motoric skills. Every puzzle comes with a 3D dinosaur model and a colorful wooden ruler.
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Every puzzle (except Dino Collection) is available in various sizes to fit your difficulty preferences. All jigsaw puzzles wooden pieces are laser-cut to guarantee perfect fit and easy assembly.


Think the puzzle you just assembled deserves a place on the wall? Unidragon provides special mounting kits to use puzzles as wall decor. They include cardboard for easily flipping the puzzle, sticky film to hold the puzzle together, and a special compound to attach the puzzle to the wall. It can be removed later and won’t leave any traces.

Also, you can buy exclusive wooden world maps that will add a fine touch to any room. The collection features several wood patterns, and every kit comes with markers to tag visited countries.

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