Points to Ponder Before to buy an office phone number

Points to Ponder Before to buy an office phone number

We all can blindly believe on an office number when it comes to having an inexpensive communication point. It is just the perfect one then it can drastically improve your performance, reduce the operational cost, and increase customer satisfaction. Now the legit questions are –

  • What do you mean by the perfect VoIP phone number?
  • Aren’t all the office phone numbers perfect?
  • How one can ensure that the one that has been chosen is perfect or not?

Well, we have the answers to all the questions. So, keep on reading.

First thing first, all business phone numbers are perfect in their own sense but that doesn’t mean they are perfect for you.  The one which can serve all your business purposes diligently and gives you maximum ROI is perfect for you.

To have a better understanding of this, let’s see an example:

If you are a business that deals with the consumer directly then cloud-based call center software would be the perfect VoIP for you.  The reason being is that the call center software will help you to track each activity and take note of every call details easily.

On the other hand, if you are a global business then a VoIP system with a toll-free number with codes like 800, 844, 843, and so on is perfect because it reduces the outbound and inbound calling cost and offers great customer service to your clients.

Now, comes the point how one can ensure that they are picking up the perfect VoIP system. Well, the answer is just right here.

Understand the type of systems available

When you are on the hunt to choose the best VoIP system, the first important thing is to understand the types of system available. Key Services Unit (KSU), Private Branch Exchange (PBX), Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), On-Premises VoIP, Cloud-Based VoIP, and Virtual Phone Systems may seem acronyms of the same system but, in reality, they all are different. If you want that you get the nothing but perfect VoIP then it is important to learn the basic difference between them.

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 Key Services Unit (KSU) is the old-school second phone number system that fits well in an organization with employee strength not exceeding 40. On the other hand, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a bulky telephony system that is need of organization with more than 40 people. Both are the traditional system and have limited viability.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a revolutionary calling system that allows a user to make or receive calls over an internet connection.  In this section, there are ample options available. Businesses can have their own PBX hardware with on-premise VoIP or can use the cloud space with cloud-based VoIP.

A bit different from above all, virtual VoIP phone numbers doesn’t demand any heavy hardware, installation, and maintenance. It is basically a high-tech call forwarding technique that forwards your calls to your data-driven device.

The system features to look out for

Another major factor that makes any VoIP system a perfect one for your organization is its features. While you are willing to purchase the office phone system for your business, make sure it has features like call forwarding, call transferring, and IVR.

These are some basic features. Deepening upon the nature and requirement of business, you can also feature like call barring, call distribution, voicemail transcribing, and conference calling on board. No matter what business phone number you choose, make sure that its features are able to suffice your business purpose. Then only it will be able to suffice your business purposes easily and seamlessly.

Initial investment that it demands

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Well, there is no point buying one business number that is beyond your financial capabilities. Thus, it is very important to look out for the initial investment that it demands. On-premise VoIP services require a lot of initial investment and it best suited for organizations that have already firmed their feet in their respective industry and have continuous stagnant cash flow.

On the contrary to that, virtual phone numbers and cloud-based VoIP services are the best options for startups and small businesses as it demands nothing and gives a commendable return.


The business world is something that keeps on evolving by each passing day. Your business phone number should be flexible enough to get adapted to those changes to be called as the best. It should be open to customization, offers different service plans, and come with number portability. All these factors accumulatively make it a better choice.


Before you finalize your office phone system, make sure that it adaptable and come with easy implementation. VoIP systems with complex implementation with do nothing but confuse your team. If this is the case with the one you have picked then we must say that your team will not be able to make most of it.

VoIP systems are the mainstream office phone system that improves the productivity by manifolds when chosen wisely. So, look out for these points and grab nothing but best.

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