Care and Maintenance of a Vehicle with Vinyl Wrap

Vehicle with Vinyl Wrap

What is Vinyl Wrap?

Vinyl wrap involves adding an extra layer to your vehicle to protect its paint. The wrap aims at protecting your car against grime, stone chips, dust, tree sap, and sand and bird droppings. It can also act as a shield to your car from intense UV rays from the sun. When the vinyl wrap is installed correctly, it makes your car look more aesthetically pleasing and can last up to four years.

To maintain the aesthetic of your vinyl wrapped vehicle, you have to clean it regularly. Otherwise, the dirt from the sand or tree saps can damage the exterior of your car. However, when cleaning your vehicle, you have to be careful because harsh cleaning can ruin your vinyl wrap.

Tips for Maintaining Your Car Wrap

For proper care and maintenance always seek advice from a vinyl wrap installation company. This will enable you to safeguard your warranty as various vinyl installation firms have different restrictions on the procedures, products and techniques to care for their particular vinyl.

1. Wash your vehicle often

This does not mean that you wash your vehicle daily but once or twice a week. This is important as it helps to prevent the build-up of excess grime and dirt in the exterior of your car. If your vehicle has tough stains then when cleaning ensure that you use isopropyl alcohol like ICE Snow Foam which is regarded the best in safeguarding glossy vehicle wrap and prevents hazing.

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2. Wash gently

Always prefer the gentle cleaning of your vehicle. Try to apply hand washing and drying to keep your vinyl wrap clean. When your car is wet, always use a silicone squeegee to drain excess water before drying using microfiber towels. Using a car brush will scratch and pull the edges of your vinyl wrap. However, you can use brushless car washes and pressure washers with an average pressure of around 2000 psi.

3. Use ICE Spray Wax for shining

If you want the exterior of your car to shine, then you will need to use ICE Spray Wax or Shine as they do not fade quickly. Do not use wax and polish products as they can result in fading and mar textured appearance of the vehicle wrap.

4. Wipe off spills

In case oil spills in your car ensure that you wipe it off immediately and hand wash the area with an isopropyl alcohol detergent. Leaving the spills on the vinyl will degrade it thereby ruining it with time.

5. Avoid Parking Your Car Outside for Long Periods

Leaving your vehicle outside for a long time subjects it to the sun and other outdoor elements like debris and rain. This will let your vinyl become degraded. Furthermore, leaving your car outside for long exposes it to strong UV lights which destroy the vinyl wrapping. Always ensure that you park your vehicle in a canopy or garage.

Things to Avoid When Cleaning Your Wrap

Always ensure that when cleaning your vinyl wrap, you avoid using products like solvents, engine degreaser, oil-based cleaners and oven cleaner.

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