The Difference Between Diamonds and Crystals

Diamonds and Crystals

They are both beautiful and often an image of luxury and elegance, but what is the difference between diamonds and crystals?

It can be difficult to tell one from the other, especially if you don’t have the eye for these kinds of things. After all, you require special education to know the difference from one precious stone or gem from another.

Still, you can differentiate one from the other through knowing several factors in determining which one is a diamond and which one is a crystal.

Diamonds vs. Crystals

The most significant difference between diamonds and crystal is basically the meaning of the terms.

Crystal is a general term that refers to many different substances. Many stones and gems have a crystalline form, but they aren’t diamonds. The most common type of crystals can be seen around the house: sugar and salt.

Meanwhile, diamonds are a unique form of crystal.

There’s also the difference in their composition. Diamonds are made from carbon, while crystals are minerals that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors that are formed with the unique arrangement of several atoms, ions, or molecules.

Swarovski Crystals vs. Diamonds

However, when you say Swarovski crystals versus diamonds, then there’s an even bigger difference between the two. Swarovski crystals are a lot like diamonds, but the name itself is a brand of cut crystal glass that is actually made by the company.

On the other hand, diamonds are made by nature. They are formed under the earth by extreme pressure and temperature. Then, they are mined in certain places and usually come out of the earth as rough stones.

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These rough stones are then polished and cut into various shapes. The polished, precision-cut diamonds are then made into jewelry, which is then sold by many different jewelers around the world.

The Hardness Test

Diamond is known as the hardest stone in the world. It has been determined by the Mohs hardness scale, where it has a hardness of 10. And that’s one of the significant differences between a diamond and a Swarovski crystal glass. The latter is typically around six or seven at the Mohs scale.

Nevertheless, both of these substances can scratch glass.


Another factor that helps you determine a diamond from a crystal is the reflection.

Diamonds are well-known to reflect light, while crystals generally don’t. That means diamonds tend to be more brilliant than even Swarovski crystals.


Knowing the difference between a diamond and crystal can be essential, especially if you are specifically looking for diamond jewelry.

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