Football and charity

Sport competitions have been popular for ages. Betting on sport, in particular, on football, is one of the most enterntaining and venturesome timepass nowadays. The industry makes a lot of money – both sport teams and online bookmakers.

In recent years, the topic of charity and social initiatives has become increasingly popular. Sports clubs, athletes themselves and entire leagues are joining this wave. Today we have collected five promotions that the clubs have held this fall. Inspiration, nothing else.

“Manchester city”

The club released a Christmas merchandise collection and did it to good use. Buyers will literally pay for football training for local kids: £5 from each item sold will go to the City in the Community fund, and from there to children who have nowhere to go during school holidays. In addition to training, they will also receive lunches.

The club itself did not stand aside: it will supplement the amount of the collection up to £ 75,000 (that’s about 5,300,000 rubles) so that as many children as possible can join football.


More recently, the “Sector of Kindness” appeared on the home arena of railway workers. This name was given to the 22nd sector of the Russian Railways Arena. All funds from the sale of tickets for this sector for the MIR matches of the Russian Premier League will be transferred to partner charitable foundations.

“Now every fan who has gathered for the match, when buying a ticket, will be able to make an informed decision to contribute to a good deed together with Lokomotiv,” the club commented on the project.

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“Wings of Soviets”

In October, the Samara club “collaborated” with an animal shelter and, right before the match, arranged an exhibition of cats that could be taken home.

The friendship between the club and the animal shelter is already a year old. Football players of the team came to the hospital to take a walk with the wards. “Wings” help animals with food and other necessary things. After the campaign, one pet went to a new home straight from the stadium, and several more were booked to pick them up later.

Athletes were recently asked why they gave up bad habits. It’s not just about the career.


The French club has launched a new social action: a cute red bus travels around different cities and entertains local kids. The project is called Kids Tour and is held regularly.

Children are waiting for a meeting with the club’s mascot, accuracy competitions, virtual reality glasses, the FIFA 23 video game, mini-football, a quiz and prize draws from the club.


Before home matches, Belgian Brugge sells “green boxes” with fresh vegetables for € 15 in an online store. This is how the club supports local farmers in times of crisis. Fans are happy to support the club and post their purchases on social networks.

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