Invisible Braces: How to Clean & Maintain Clear Aligners

Invisible Braces

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Invisible braces are one of the most popular alternatives to traditional metal braces today since invisible braces provide several benefits. These include being completely invisible or unseen to the naked eye. This can help people avoid feeling self-conscious about their smile while undergoing treatment. Another advantage of using clear aligners is that they are removable and hence convenient to use.

But what are clear aligners and, how do they work? Clear aligners are invisible braces made with clear plastic trays. These trays are formed with high-quality material after a 3D scan of your teeth. They apply gentle pressure on your teeth till your smile transforms.

While invisible aligners are generally easy to use and require less upkeep than traditional braces, here are some important tips to help clean and maintain them:

1. Always remove them when you eat

Many aligners are not made to take the force of chewing. Food and drinks can damage their shape and discolour them. Food and drinks can also stain your teeth and your aligners, hence they are not supposed to be worn during eating any kind of food. Make sure to remove your aligners while drinking coloured drinks such as coffee, cola and tea too as this can cause stains.

Once your aligners are stained, they will look unclean each time you wear them!

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2. Clean your aligners with aligner cleaning products

Just like how you brush your teeth, it is important to keep your aligners clean too. Use makeO toothsi’s foamy aligner cleaning foam for 99% germ-free and shining aligners. Make sure to clean your aligners before putting them on post meals and when you brush your teeth. As a rule, cleaning and washing your aligners twice a day can help keep any harmful bacteria away.

3. Rinse and repeat

Rinsing your aligners after a cold coffee or a quick snack is a good way to ensure your aligners remain clean. You can also leave them in clean cold water for a while to keep them clear of any food particles or dirt.

4. Always store aligners in their case

Just like glasses are stored in cases, your aligners are also best protected when they are in their case. Since invisible aligners are removable and require to be taken off while eating, you must make sure to store them safely in their case. Stowing them away in your pocket or placing them on unknown surfaces can cause possible damage, deformations and contamination.

5. Keep clear aligners away from heat

Clear aligners are made from high-quality plastic which makes them susceptible to heat. Leaving them unattended in hot surroundings can cause deformities and ruin their structure. Hence, make sure to store your aligners in cool places and avoid hotter temperatures.

In general, it is important to remember that clear aligners are revolutionary but require care. They need to be cleaned and rinsed often, removed during eating and must be stored safely in their cases in a cool environment. We hope these aligner maintenance tips help you keep your clear aligners clean and effective so that you can achieve your perfect smile makeOver.

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