How to Choose Right Toy for Your Child?

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As a parent, you need to realize the importance of your child’s overall growth. Since the day your baby is born, you ensure all its necessities should be met without any hindrance. And one such important thing that your kid must have is a toy.

A toy is a very first thing you try to hand over to your baby when it cries. Whether it is a stuffed teddy or a small car – a toy to play with can keep your baby busy for good. But did you know that you should keep a few things in mind before you get a toy for your baby?

Finding the Right Toy for Your Baby

The online market for toys is a huge one. When you browse through websites like Firstcry, you can find a range of options available when it comes to toys. And with Firstcry offers on Toys, you surely won’t be able to resist yourself from purchasing a bunch of items for your baby. However, before you get all excited about getting your baby its first toy, here are a few things you should take care of –

  1. Keep Safety in Mind

Before you decide to hand over any toys to your beloved baby, you must ensure whether the toy would be safe. If your son or daughter is three years old, you cannot possibly give them a toy that is made of metal and have poking devices. While buying the toy, keep your child’s age in mind so that you can find a suitable and safe toy for him.

  1. Read the Label on The Back Properly

While at the store, you must make sure to read the label on the back of the toy. The label states a lot of things; from statuary, warnings to “dos and don’ts”. Keep these things in mind before you decide to make a purchase. Also, if you are buying toys online, do not forget to read the reviews from people who have already bought them before. Genuine and verified consumers will always share their real-life experience with the product and you can make a decision based on the same.

  1. Buy Toys That Are Large
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It does not matter how old your baby is; always buy larger toys. Look for toys that are big or has larger parts than your child’s mouth. A lot of kids have a habit of swallowing anything and everything that they find. Swallowing smaller objects can turn out to be a disaster in the long run; and therefore, you should purchase toys that are bigger than your child’s mouth.

  1. Buy Stuffed Toys That Are Properly Sewed

If you are buying stuffed toys for your baby, make sure that it is properly sewed and well made. Stuffed toys tend to face the most wear and tear. And many kids have the tendency to try and open such toys. If the parts of the toy are tight and all the edges are perfectly secure, it will be difficult for your baby to rip it open. If there are any lose ribbons or added accessories in the stuffed toy, remove them before giving it to the baby.

  1. Try and Avoid Toys That Are Loud or Throw Objects in The Air

To keep your baby’s and your peace of mind on the check, avoid showering him with toys that make a lot of noise. This will not only prevent your baby from damaging its hearing but will also help you get rid of unnecessary noise pollution. Also, avoid spending money on toys that throw objects in the air. Such toys can do serious harm to your child.

  1. Keep Your Child’s Activity in Mind

For new moms, providing a toy to their kids is just a mean to keep them busy. But, while you are keeping your child busy, you should also take care of his activities. Buy toys that involve your child in many ways. It should be able to help your child improve his creativity, and ability to think clearer and better. You should ensure that the toys that you are buying for your kid, should make him feel more active and happier.

  1. Buy Toys That Involve A Little Bit of Education
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Based on your child’s age and how he or she is growing, you should buy toys that involve a little bit of education. For example, if your children about four years and has recently started pre-school, you should encourage them to play with words, scribbles or numbers. Such toys can be bought online from Firstcry. The website offers a number of choices to the buyers when it comes to toys and other baby products. The best part is, with Firstcry, you can save up to 30% on all your purchases if you use the Firstcry offers on Toys.

  1. Think About Your Child’s Interest While Buying A Toy

It is important to keep your child’s interest in mind before you buy any toys. For example, if you are buying a Barbie for your daughter based on the stereotype that girls love barbies, then it can be a huge mistake. Read your child’s behavior and pay attention to what he or she likes. Based on their preferences, buy a toy for them.

Buying toys for your baby might seem like an easier thing to do. But it actually is not. You have to go through a lot of trial and error methods until finally, you find the right one. Keep the above mentioned things in mind before you buy toys for your kids.

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