Shift To Higher Revenue Matrix With Direct To Consumer Media

Shift To Higher Revenue Matrix With Direct To Consumer Media

With the advancement of media technology, which is well complemented by IOT (internet of all things), there has been a sharp rise in the demand sophistication from consumers.  Due to this, the entire consumer behavior has become so complex, to the extent that managers have to look out for out of the box solutions while reaching out to their customers individually. Consumers are armed with informed choices, which are offered by different media customer interface. This leaves little room for complacency on behalf of organizations when it comes to market their products. They are needed to analyze the target audience and offer product and services through direct to consumer (DTC), channels. The need of the hour is content that is specially designed for both linear and on-demand applications. Organizations are opting for efficient broadcast grade service, which enables innovative consumer experience.

Some Benefits Of  DTC Model (Direct To Consumer)

     1. Enhanced consumer experience-There is a paradigm shift in the rise of consumer expectation, due to the growing influence of social media, cell phones, and cloud technologies. Customers are demanding a more seamless experience, which has led to a healthy competition amongst the business ecosystem. Lasting consumer experience can be treated as a competitive advantage for smart business houses. Those who can capture this wave will surely see the rise in incoming revenue along with enhanced brand value. This is particularly the case with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) when they sell through retailers, where they have minimum say on how the product should be sold. OEMs don’t even get to know the real feedback of the customers and their experience with the product.

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     2. DTC (direct to consumer), model empowers business houses with the opportunity to build their brand relationship-This model allows the business houses to create their own brand story and narrate the same to customers directly and in a more personalized manner, creating a lasting impression in the minds of the customer. It is a fact that, if a consumer has chosen your product over a competitor’s product, then you might have won a sale, but definitely lost a golden opportunity to build a lasting relationship with the customer. This is addressed perfectly with the help of direct to consumer media model.

     3. DTC model leads to heap consumer data generation- This data generated are real-time and readily usable. Every detail consumer behavior analysis can be carried out from this data, to add to customer delight. To understand the complex nature of choices, organizations must try to answer the “why”, behind every choice their customers make. To do it authentic and raw data is important, which can only be obtained through the DTC model.

Importance Of IT Architecture Restructuring To Implement DTC Model

Over time, with the shift in the business landscape, due to changing marketing strategies and consumer preferences, there is a shift in the usual best practices. Many times it is observed that this shift renders the media business inflexible to the extent that it becomes less responsive to market changes. The main motto of every marketing strategy is to reach the end consumer with custom made communication, specifically meant for the individual. However, for over the ages, this has been easier said than done. Thanks to the development of specially designed sophisticated audience segmentation lead by consumer data collection and lead scoring. This has led to, “direct to consumer media”, which is a more personalized client-oriented approach to marketing. Since there has been a shift in consumer expectations, therefore customers have to be treated with a more individualistic manner, which is carried out by “direct to consumer media”. 

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Today’s tech-savvy customers want minute by minute update on the latest trends in fashion and technology. They want to stay ahead in terms of knowledge; therefore reaching out to them timely becomes a priority for business houses. Organizations should strive to deliver the highest quality video streaming to consumers. There should be flexibility in terms of private or public cloud deployments along with selective storage applications. This is where a good technology partner comes into play, with their detailed system requirement study, which is organization specific in nature. The solution they provide should be easily implemented across all the verticals of the organizations. Since customers are consuming media through various devices and location, there is a shift in the consumption of unique content, which is managed by direct to consumer media.

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