6 Ways To Get Marketers Up And About For The New Year

6 Ways To Get Marketers Up And About For The New Year

Taking a look back, 2018 was a great year for the marketers. The year was all about digital marketing feats that left a lot of scope both for big brands and small startups. And if your company did well in 2018, you must be sitting challenged with a thought inside your head – How can I continue the streak and keep up my marketing game this year? You have knocked yourself enough to meet your 2018 goals, and all you need now is a boost of morale to brave all that 2019 has in store for you.

The beginning of the New Year can be a really slow time for sales, as it might take time to get back to the regular track once again. As soon as the holidays are over, your marketing team might lag in pursuing new leads.

If you have been struggling with ideas to motivate your marketing and sales team and prepare them for what 2019 has in store, then I can help you out. Here are a few things that can help you battle your way out through a slow start in 2019!

     1. Introduce the marketers to what lies ahead

It is only reasonable that your team of marketers is going to feel anticipated and anxious at the thought of the hurdles that they might have to face in 2019. Therefore, the first step to motivate your team is to give them a marketing calendar and a list of what they can expect from 2019. Once they have an understanding of the trends of the year, they can immediately start working on their strategies to make the most of the New Year.

The list can help you get excited about what’s coming down the road. They can start to think about the kind of technology and processes that can help them succeed this year. They can also evaluate what has gone wrong in the last year, learn from the mistakes and come up with a foolproof plan.

     2. Run rewarding contests

Contests can bring in a healthy dose of competition within your sales and marketing team that can fire up their passion and give your marketers new vigor to increase sales. You can design a match based on your needs such as, who can bring in more leads, or can convert customers to sales. Whoever gets the most business stands a chance to win a title and a prize. When the players of the winning team get public recognition, they will feel more motivated and strive to give in their best effort.

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     3. Offer Cash and Week-off Bonuses

Research reveals that young employees prefer week-offs as rewards in comparison to older employers who prefer cash. The reason is straightforward – the young generation wants a day off to chill with their friends whereas the older generation is more concerned about their savings accounts.

Choose a goal that you would want your staff to achieve and set a time limit and reward your staff on the completion of the goal. Give your marketing team juniors an extra day-off if they meet deadlines beforehand and gift cash cards to your older team to help them cope with the financial pinch post the holiday season.

     4. Focus on the previous clients

Right at the start of the year, your business is bound to be slow, and it can take a month or two for things to fall in place. Instead of trying to bring in new clients, you can assign your sales and marketing staff to target existing customers and build a stronger relationship with them. This way, you will know that you have your old clients by your side.

Assign the team to try and push new products to your existing clientele and reconnect with the ones who have been inactive for a while. This will help your employees to understand the customer’s psyche and increase the rate of customer satisfaction.

     5. Allow them to choose the work environment

Right after the yuletide, it is normal to miss the holiday season and work in the sluggish winter months. The sheer task of getting yourself up from the bed in the frosty morning and dragging yourself to the office can be quite challenging.

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Giving your staff the freedom to work from home can increase their efficiency. Give them the prerogative to choose their shift timings and work whenever they are at their productive best. Providing them with the freedom to choose their work environment can bring about significant improvement in their performance.

     6. Appreciate the deserving employees

If you sense your staff members need the motivation to improve their sales, reward progress with power. A slight change in their designation can make them give in more into their work duties. For example, give a deserving employee an option to hire an assistant for himself or herself.

You can also let them choose an assignment to help them figure out how they would like to proceed with the work. Ask them what they feel about the marketing strategies and take their feedback into account. This will also give them a sense of belonging and make them feel that they have the power to alter the fate of the company for the better.

It is imperative to keep your marketing and sales team motivated. As an entrepreneur, you have to acknowledge that it is their productivity alone that can drive your company to the zenith of success. A motivated team can work harder and reach the goals more efficiently. But the concept of motivation might vary from individual to individual. In the end, you must remember they are humans who can stay motivated with a simple “Thank You” from your end! Appreciating them once in a while can go a long way and keep your team focused! Here’s hoping 2019 turns out to be a fantastic year for you!

Have any other tricks up your sleeve? Let us know what worked for your team!

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Joanne Criss is a marketing analyst who is associated with the assignment help brand MyAssignmenthelp.co.uk. She also acts as a guest lecturer in several B-schools and provides academic assistance to students pursuing Marketing.

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