Tips to prevent water damage in your home

Tips to prevent water damage in your home

You might have heard the famous saying ”Home is where the heart is.” But, it will be harder for your heart to feel at home if there was water damage in the house. Water damage cleanup is expensive and you would want to avoid it at all costs.

If the water damage is due to a natural cause then there may not be a lot that you could do when it floods. But, there are a bunch of things that could be done beforehand that could prevent water damage from happening in your house whether the source of the water is man-made or natural. Here are some of the tips that will help you to prevent water damage from occurring in your household.

  1. Trees and vegetation

It can be a very lovely look if you have shrubs growing but you should keep an eye out on the roots as the roots of the shrubs can spread around pipes. It has been observed to cause leakage in them. Be careful not to grow plants close to pipes.

Plants like the weeping willows are known for their intrusive roots. They could easily make their way into the septic tanks, sewage system, water sprinkler, etc. It is best to check out the pros and the cons of the plant before you plant it.

  1. Checking for water leaks and cleaning

This is one of the things that will help you to catch on the leakage in the early stage before any serious damage is done. One way to check if there is any leakage is to turn off the source of the water to the house.

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If there is no water leakage then no water would flow to the house. This means that it is all good. You should also check the areas behind the dishwasher, sink, water heater, etc to make sure that there aren’t any leakages.

Another way to keep an eye on things is to regularly clean out areas like the roof gutters. We all know that it is something that we have to do but we still keep delaying it. Cleaning out the roof gutter once in a while makes sure that the water doesn’t seep into the household and cause water damage.

  1. Don’t use unclogging chemicals

Although it is the easy way out, it is not recommended that you use unclogging chemicals. Even if you are a clean freak, you might have experienced the drainage clogging up. When you use the unclogging chemicals, it also eats away at the pipes, which might lead to leaks in the long run. Owning a drain snake could help you avoid all of that while solving your problem. They are also pretty cheap and can be found easily.

  1. Water detection devices

One of the best ways to avoid any sort of water damage from happening in your house is by setting up a small detector. The alarm goes off when the wire comes in contact with any sort of moisture. This would be a great help in detecting any leakages that might go unnoticed for a long time. You could install the water detection devices near the sump pumps, water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, and even the toilets as these are the major source for water.

  1. Water bill
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One of the easiest yet the most efficient ways to keep track of whether or not there is a water leakage is by taking a look at your water bill. Compare the bill with that of the previous few months. If you feel that the difference is big enough even though the usage didn’t increase then there might be water leaking from somewhere.

You can use these tricks to prevent water damage in your house. Make sure you clean your gutters at least two times a year in order to avoid blockage as well as ice dams. This will keep your house safe from water damage in the future.

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