How To Make Any Small Room Look Bigger

Small Room Look Bigger

Having a small bedroom doesn’t automatically equate to smaller storage space. Indeed, plastic storage boxes or bulky closet bins aren’t going to be much of a help, but we know some tips to make your room not only look bigger but become spacious, neat, and tidy as well. Here are our eleven tips to make any small room look and feel bigger.

Go for lighter and brighter colors

More luminous paint and wallpapers are a more practical route for small bedrooms. Don’t use dark colors such as black as dark colors tend to make you feel like the room is closing in on you. Using light paint for your walls and floors creates a sense of openness and makes your room look more vast as spacious.

Avoid Bulky Beds

You’d want to make sure you’re maximizing every inch of your room to make it bigger, and bulky bedframes can hinder you from doing so. Say goodbye to footboard beds and change them to a simple, minimalistic headboard.

Try Minimalism

You can make so much space in your room if you trim your room down to your important and most used essentials. Try to keep furniture, clothes, and drawers to a minimum, and you’ll see a massive difference inside your room.

Under-The-Bed Storage

If your bed is placed flat on the floor, raise them to add additional storage space underneath it. If you can afford one, you can buy a bed with built-in drawers. If not, storage bins will do good enough to store your seasonal items like winter jackets or summer clothes.

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Go Vertical

If your house or room has limited floor space, but have higher ceilings, use that vertical space to your advantage. For your bed, consider turning it into a loft for your sleeping space with additional seating or storage underneath it. If you don’t mind climbing up to sleep, this can be a great option for you, as this can save tons of floor space in your room.

Add Wall Papers to the Ceiling

Adding wallpapers to your bedroom walls and ceilings is discouraged by many when it comes to making your room look bigger, but with the right wallpaper design, it can do the exact opposite. Adding wallpapers, especially in the ceiling with a design that can draw the human eye toward it, can make your room appear taller and bigger.

Create and Alcove in your wall

In modern construction, drywalls are now usually hollow and supported by vertical beams. Try using a stud finder to mark where you can cut out an alcove on your wall. This creates storage shelves inwards your wall and saves more space.

De-Clutter and Get Rid of Useless Things

Take the time to sort out the things in your room. You’ll be amazed at how much clutter there is that take up so much of your floor space. Get rid of the things that you don’t need and use anymore, like duplicate clothes and shoes.

Create a Theme for Your Room

The goal is to create a sense of unity of colors and things through your room. Think of a theme for your room. Whether you’re going for specific patterns, color schemes, whatever design it may be so that the whole place looks like it goes together. This will create an illusion or an impression that makes your room appear bigger, plus it’ll look lovely to look at too.

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Furniture With Legs Shown

If you must put furniture in your room, but you still want to make it look bigger, choose furniture pieces and place them so that their legs are shown. These types of furniture are going to make space look more open because you see more space underneath them.

Clean Your Room Regularly

This tip may seem pretty obvious, but another key to keeping your room looking bigger and better is to keep it clean on a regular basis. Create a weekly or monthly cleaning routine schedule.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be tedious, create a quick and easy cleaning routine to make sure your room or space is constantly neat and tidy. A messy and untidy room can make even the largest rooms ten times smaller, so be sure to clean yours consistently.


To summarize the points above, always remember to maximize your vertical space if you have a small room and embrace minimalism. De-clutter and clean your room regularly to maintain the big appearance of your room. Carefully applying these tips, you’ll always be welcomed by a neat and large looking room after a long day.

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