Easy hacks to remodel your kitchen at a low cost

Easy hacks to remodel your kitchen at a low cost

Remodeling a kitchen entirely can cost anywhere from $18,000 to $50,000 or more. While on one end that seems a lot of money, some people actually go ahead for long term benefits.

Well, if you’re thinking about having a complete makeover, you could try out kitchen refurbishment from the best in town. Have experts come over to suit your requirement and make your kitchen more accessible.

You can also go for temporary changes that don’t charge you a lot but can slowly upgrade your home. If you have an outdated kitchen and you’re looking for ways to make a difference, try out some easy hacks. These are perfect for people who want to change their kitchen gradually and want a modern touch to it.

How to revamp the kitchen at a low cost?

The following tips will give you an idea to make your kitchen look anew:

  1. Add new handles or pulls

Changing your cabinet hardware is one of the easiest and quickest updates. Look out for colorful options that make the entire mechanism easy. Don’t get tempted to buy cute accessories that don’t do any good. Choose sturdy options that do the job and also look cool. Take your time to choose and make sure they fit your furnishing.

  1. Buy appliances

There are several technological aids that can improve the kitchen scenario. From mini egg boilers to quick choppers, there are many innovative products that can help you cook quickly. You must consider the products that you’d really need according to what you cook. These should be of use and not just add to some more kitchen equipment.

  1. Consider painting cabinets

Another way to bring in a change is by adding colors. If you recently moved into a new home and didn’t like the kitchen, it could be dullness. Going in a complete overhaul can be really pricey, especially if it is rented space. You can add a fresh coating of paint to your cabinet and make it look new.

Say the countertop is black but you want lighter tones like grey and lime green to brighten the space up. You can also choose orange, yellow, and red to add more brightness.

  1. Swap/remove cabinet doors
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You can replace the ones you have with glass-panels to give your kitchen a major change. Choose frosted glass if you think that the shelves aren’t good enough.

You can let go of the doors complete if you don’t want to keep opening or closing the shelves. Many do this to lighten the kitchen space. This also lets you expose the favorite dishes or bowls to add some curiosity to the kitchen.

  1. Paint an accent wall

If you don’t want to spend hours working on cabinets, you can quickly do up a single wall instead. Just choose darker colors than usual to give it a unique tint. Suppose your painting the room grey, add an accent wall that’s two shades deeper.

  1. Hang pendant lights

If it has been ages since you worked on your kitchen lights, you could replace it with a colorful pendant. Lights are essential and it changes the complete atmosphere. Get your hold on inexpensive lights to make all the difference.

  1. Consider small appliances as decoration

When you’re planning to bring in new appliances, consider the colors. Suppose an orange refrigerator is kept right beside the cobalt toaster and then there’s a maroon mixer. These can accessorize your kitchen and make space look more welcoming. However, you can buy these at the cost of not having good quality.

  1. Window treatments

Hanging window treatments like drapes can bring in quite a change. However, you need to check on the exhaust first. If your kitchen emits chemicals that get onto such window treatments, they’d be tough to retain. Consider blinds or shades that don’t ruin from splashes or emission. For example, Roman shades are pretty neat and easy to pull up.

  1. Keep rugs below the washbasin

This one is a no brainer, and we guess you have it already. If not, to make your workstation comfortable you can add some colors to it. It also covers up ugly flooring and doesn’t need you to spend heaps. Try out an indoor and outdoor option that looks cute, durable, and lets you cover up for spills.

  1. Add a backsplash
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To make your kitchen area easy to tackle, you can add a backsplash. It keeps your kitchen walls safe because they don’t get stained from spills. An average needs around 10 to 40 sq ft of a backsplash. This can be a little expensive, but your kitchen surely does need this.

If you can’t DIY, you must call experts to help you refurbish this area. You can also choose paints for walls that don’t stain. The semi-gloss paints can easily wipe off spills with soapy water and sponge.

  1. Change the countertop

This is not as expensive as you might think, and it improves the look of ho-hum cabinets. You can try out new laminate for the surface that charges you a few dollars. The nicer options you have for laminating, the more it will last and enhance the overall look without having to worry about cracks and water spills from lack of leak detection.

  1. Beautify the dining table

Finally, you should consider working on the space that brings the entire family together. This area is where you exchange thoughts and share food. Make sure you work on this to add more warmth. You can consider the entire space to add the right kind of cloth, mats, and other table accessories. Also, keep the lighting under consideration to give it a complete look.

These are some of the easy ideas that can make you revamp the look of your kitchen. You could add in your ideas and make it more interesting to work this out better. Check out products online and find out what could suit the kitchen area and also find unique ways to make cooking easier. You can also ask other family members for suggestions or call in experts to help you remodel the space.

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